Our Services
We are a firm that specializes in civil litigation, business work and liquor licensing. If your hotel, restaurant, convenience store, club, retail store or development includes the sale or service of alcohol we can handle any part of the process. Our services range from locating a liquor license that suits your needs and overseeing the placement of that license into your business to assisting you in securing the site, rezoning, if necessary, and construction. We are licensed with access to lenders as well as proven real estate brokers and builders

New Mexico Liquor License Work

  • Almost 31 years of liquor industry experience
  • Local restaurants, retailers, and wholesalers
  • All types of alcoholic beverage licenses throughout New Mexico.


Our firm has successfully litigated a variety of civil actions ranging from simple contract disputes to suing municipalities over illegal business improvement districts. We routinely affiliate with the best lawyers in their specialty areas which delivers results for our clients greater than our size.
Every one of our clients receives the attention and personal service they deserve, regardless of the size of their business. We routinely affiliate with trial specialists to provide you with the depth and experience that your case needs.

What Sets us Apart

After thirty-five years of trial experience, we handle not only locating and placing your liquor license but also violations of the New Mexico Liquor Control Act. As New Mexico full service licenses range from $300,000 to almost a million dollars and can be forfeited for three sales to a minor or drunk person(s) within a year, it is essential to have not only a transaction attorney to correctly process your paperwork but an experienced litigator to prevent forfeiture of the license and address all of our clients litigation issues. We provide proven transaction and litigation services
“I have had the honor of working with Mr. Mark Rhodes for the past eighteen plus years and Mr. Rhodes has successfully assisted with both my Corporate and my personal LLC legal needs. Mr. Rhodes extensive knowledge of NM liquor laws, prompt contract review, ability to draft contracts and negotiate with "other" parties has been a tremendous advantage for my company. Mr. Rhodes is very well respected in his industry and this allows for prompt reasonable negotiations/resolutions."
-Pic Quik Stores, Inc.
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“I want to again thank you for your outstanding and professional legal support. You did a great job.”
-Former US Ambassador
"Mark Rhodes with Rhodes and Salmon, P.C. has served as in-house counsel for OCO Biomedical for over 20 years.  As a small, medical device manufacturer, we rely on Mark and his firm to provide us with a broad range of legal support in matters such as regulatory compliance, litigation support, intellectual property protection, human resources, contracts and more.  Mark and his team are diligent and responsive in providing us with sound and professional business advice and legal counsel.  We appreciate Mark’s bold and proactive approach to the legal issues we’ve faced over the years.  Through his step-by-step approach to problem resolution, Mark provides action plans and time-frames that give us a clear vision of what needs to be accomplished.  Mark Rhodes and his legal team are extraordinary and
I highly recommend them."
- OCO Biomedical, Inc

Our Impact

These are examples of where Mr. Rhodes and his firm have made law in New Mexico:

  1. Liquor licenses
    Town & Country Food Stores, Inc. v Hughes; Dick v City of Portales
  2. Finding Insurance Coverage
    Barth v. Coleman
  3. Real Estate/Estates
    Roselli v. Rio Community Service Stations, Inc.
  4. Workers Comp
    Peterson v. Wells Fargo Armored Services Corp.
  5. Discrimination
    Mitchell-Carr v. McLendon
  6. Land Use
    West Gun Club Neighborhood Assn. v. Extraterritorial Land Use Authority
  7. Insurance
    Land v. Scottsdale Insurance Co.
  8. Civil Rights
    Olivas v. City of Hobbs
  9. Mortgage/Bankruptcy/Creditors Rights
    In Re: Mike Bauler, Debtor