New Mexico Liquor Licenses
Liquor licenses in New Mexico are privileges controlled by the New Mexico Liquor License Control Act ("Law") and interpreted by Rules and Regulations offering guidance, interpretation, or clarification of this Law ("Rules").
In order to protect the health, safety, and welfare of New Mexico residents and its visitors, the Law is enforced by the Special Investigations Division of the Department of Public Safety ("DPS"). Ultimately, the administration of New Mexico Liquor Licenses is overseen by the New Mexico Alcohol and Gaming Division ("AGD"), a division of New Mexico Regulation and Licensing.
In order to buy a liquor license, a prospective buyer must locate a license for sale; enter into a contract with an owner of a New Mexico liquor license and then apply to be approved by AGD for the transfer of ownership and oftentimes location of the liquor license. As there are numerous issues which arise in the purchase, sale, or lease of a New Mexico liquor license, prospective sellers, buyers, and lessees of liquor licenses have used our firm for more than 30 years to assist them through this complex and specialized area of law.
Our firm has successfully navigated the New Mexico and, where necessary, federal regulatory agency(s) for each type liquor license that is allowed in this State. Our trial experience allows use to watch over your business not only when you became licensed but also if you receive any citations for violations of the New Mexico Liquor Control Act.

As of February 9, 2017 the NM Alcohol and Gaming have updated their Rules and Regulations, these new Rules and Regulations are in effect as of April 25, 2017.  If you have any questions about the changes and how they affect your liquor license and establishment, feel free to gve me a call.
“Mark and his associates have been most helpful in helping us find a license and also keeping it up over the last five years.

Whether you are an old pro at owning a liquor license in NM or new to it, I would suggest you get Mark and his staff on your team. They know how to deal with anything that may come up from accidents to violations…”

-Mesilla Valley Transport and Red Hawk Golf Course

Dispenser's License

This type of license allows you to sell ​package or “to go” liquor as well a liquor by the drink provided it stays in its existing local option district. Therefore, if you are a large retailer/convenience store/liquor store, this is the license you will be looking for.

Interlocal Dispenser License

This license started out as a dispenser license but after being transferred out of its original Local Option District, it forfeited its ability to sell to go package liquor. It can still sell all other liquor provided the sale is by the drink. If you are a restaurant, nightclub, bowling alley, private sports venue who wants full liquor service, this is the license you may desire.

Restaurant License

This license is a conditional license. If the conditions are satisfied, a restaurant license only allows for the sale of beer and wine when accompanied by the service of food. The conditions include:
You have a valid food service permit (ie you are a restaurant);
Not less than 60% of your revenue comes from food sales;
This license works for either smaller local operations or national chains which do not feel the need to spend a great deal for a full service license.

Government License

This is a license issued solely to a municipality, county, state museum, state university or qualifying state fair. While we have assisted a qualifying entity in obtaining these licenses, generally food service businesses lease these licenses and we guide them through the process.

Small Brewer License

While the State regulates many other types of licenses including but not limited to a Public Service License (if you want to license your airline or train); there is currently a huge interest in small brewers or craft distillers licenses (which will require prior permitting by the federal government as well as the state of New Mexico); and wine grower’s licenses.
“Having Mr. Rhodes on our side ensured we could close our deal and start our journey as business owners which was invaluable.  We have continued to work with Mr. Rhodes and will continue to refer to him as the best in his field.”
-Library Bar and Grill